When the student is ready master appear

                                                           – Buddhist proverb

When you are ready, world class Guru’s appear...

                                                          – www.connectmyguru.com


Connectmyguru.com is a First of its kind platform that helps gurus (tutors,teachers,trainers,industry experts,institutions) to scale their business both online and offline and also to the learners(individuals,students,children)  to pursue their interests  from top class gurus of the industry based on their choice.

From :

  1. 1. Home tuition’s to Hobby classes
  2. 2. Singing to Software training
  3. 3. Sports to Arts
  4. 4. Fashion designing  to Film making
  5. 5. Cookery classes to Coaching classes
  6.  6. Marshal arts to Music classes

Every thing for every one....

When you are ready to learn, you can always find top class gurus Just a click away on www.connectmyguru.com

3 simple steps to connect your guru

  1. 1. Select  Guru from the list of gurus
  2. 2. Connect as per your requirement
  3. 3. Learnt it at your convenience

BENEFITS FOR GURUS  (Teachers/trainers/training institutions/industry experts)

  1. 1. Get more students & scale your business
  2. 2. Utilize online teaching facilities
  3. 3. You get proper branding

BENEFITS FOR LEARNERS (students/individuals/children/working professionals)

  1. Find the best gurus near you & save your time
  2. Connect to industry experts with one click
  3.  Enjoy discounts /benefits/cashback on every learning package
  • Our Mission : To make the process of learning so simple and hassle free. 




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