SATEESH ACADEMY (Class I- X Tuition)

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About InstitutionsEducation is a powerful weapon that can transform the world. He alone is entitled to be called an educationalist who posses that knowledge to reform the society. It is a fact that many deem education is for mere childhood, whereas acquiring knowledge itself is life. We have such a system that can produce academicians of great order. Do you want to see your wards as successful leaders who can change the course of this world ? If so, right from the beginning, provide them with congenial environment and holistic education. Here comes Sateesh Academy before you as a right choice. It might be so surprising to see a unique institution providing quality education, amidst the calculative corporate mercenaries. There are many remarkable reasons behind the progressive existence of this academy. A few of them are : We believe that the roots, in the process of learning, may be sour, but the result of the later life will certainly be sweet. One who braced even near death, Malala Yousuf Zai, is fondly remembered here. Though there are millions who want to pursue education, their efforts are in vain as there are no facilities extended to them. We are fortunate enough to be born in India where Education is deemed our fundamental right. Nevertheless we are unlucky as not to have enough schools that teach children with holistic, realistic and futuristic vision. Therefore you must ensure while choosing a school whether they possess all these norms of an ideal school. Sateesh Academy was born out of such great discussion of eminent scholars and erudite academicians.
Main Features of Sateesh Academy : Each Class consists of 6 Students Only Experienced and Versatile teaching faculty Individual attention to every Child Technology enabled Value based Education Conceptual clarity shunning rote learning method
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